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Aloe Care Named Health and Wellness Product of the Year

We get a lot of compliments — and of course, they’re always welcome. But our favorite comes from older adults and the people in their circle of care. Nothing makes our hardworking Product team happier than to hear, “Aloe Care is so easy to use!”

Of course, ease is our aim. But it’s especially rewarding when fellow technologists see the behind-the-scenes complexities and power of our system beneath that elegant user interface.

Today’s award illuminates that perspective beautifully.

Aloe Care has just been named Health & Wellness Product of the Year by the IoT Breakthrough awards. Thousands entered, and previous winners have included such respected companies as Cisco, Sonos, Qualcomm, General Electric, Fitbit and Lenovo. Needless to say, this win felt great. Having an elite crew recognize the technological heavy lifting the Aloe Care system does, while the people who rely on our system to stay safe, connected, and informed find us easy to use? It’s huge.

It takes a world-class team of right-motivated, hard-working people to create a product worthy of such acclaim. I assure you, it’s a joy to work among them.

- Ray


Here's the full press release:


IoT Breakthrough Awards Names Aloe Care Health "Product Of The Year" — Health & Wellness

NEW YORK PRNewswire — Aloe Care Health, the world's most advanced voice-activated medical alert and communication system for older adults and caregivers, received the IoT Health & Wellness Product of the Year award presented by IoT Breakthrough, it was announced today. The IoT Breakthrough Awards honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work and success of IoT companies, technologies and products. More than 3,800 products were nominated for consideration.

IoT, or Internet of Things, describes the network of physical objects —"things"— that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet.

Ray Spoljaric, CEO & Co-Founder of Aloe Care said, "The recognition by the IoT Breakthrough award committee is meaningful. Our favorite and most consistent feedback is that Aloe Care is easy to use for independent older adults and remote caregivers. This award recognizes the behind-the-scenes complexity that we built to power that effortless user experience. For Aloe Care, connection is more than the exchange of data, we're using technology to enable humans to connect to one another in more meaningful, impactful ways."

The Aloe Care medical alert system joins products from companies such as Cisco, Sonos, Qualcomm, General Electric, Fitbit and Lenovo in receiving a 2021 IoT Breakthrough Award.

Aloe Care offers a comprehensive, proactive approach to remote caregiving and communication and has been widely acclaimed, including Real Simple (December 2020), PCMag, The Senior List, Today's Caregiver, and MD Tech Review, among others.

Aloe Care's latest offering, Essentials Plus, ensures coverage in-home and on-the-go for independent older adults with the new Aloe Care Mobile Companion (AT&T LTE):

  • Linked to the company's proprietary, voice-activated Smart Hub for a holistic view into elders' well-being, the Mobile Companion features wearable fall detection, two-way calls, and nationwide location updates.
  • The system requires only a power source to work - no installation assistance needed.
  • Every Aloe Care solution comes with a free, secure family app to facilitate improved remote caregiving. The Aloe Care app displays elders' activity and in-home environmental conditions, includes advanced care collaboration tools, and gives caregivers the ability to make crystal-clear check-in calls into the home's Smart Hub.

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About Aloe Care Health:Aloe Care's voice-activated system is the world's most-advanced in-home medical alert and communication system for older adults. Aloe Care's award-winning solution was created by caregivers, for caregivers. More than 70 percent of the team actively supports aging-in-place parents and grandparents. The company is headquartered in New York.

About IoT BreakthroughPart of Tech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for global technology innovation and leadership, the IoT Breakthrough Awards program is devoted to honoring excellence in Internet-of-Things technologies, services, companies and products. The IoT Breakthrough Awards program provides a forum for public recognition around the achievements of IoT companies and products in categories including Connected Home and Home Automation, Connected Car, Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Smart City, Consumer IoT and more. For more information visit

Ray Spoljaric

Co-Founder & CEO

Ray is the Co-Founder and CEO of Aloe Care Health. Aloe Care is a secure and easy-to-use solution that keeps everyone connected; facilitates collaborative care; and best of all, keeps older adults safe. Ray is also the primary, remote caregiver for his parents.

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