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"Better Caring, Better Preventative Measures, Better Outcomes" - Hear Aloe Care's Founding Story on iHeart Radio's CEO Unplugged Now!

Our CEO Ray Spoljaric recently had a terrific conversation with the host of iHeartRadio's "CEO Unplugged." We were thrilled to be on show that features "...the most insightful trailblazers, disruptors and forward-thinking leaders across industries."

Ray shares a bit about the founding of the company. In his +12 year role as a personal caregiver to his parents who lived far away, he realized a solution was critically needed to help him do a better job of caring. Older adults comprise both the largest demographic in the world AND the most underserved. Aloe Care is addressing that critical void, for older adults and caregivers alike.

Watch and listen to the full interview HERE

Susan Lietz

Chief Editor at Aloe Care

Writer, caregiver, dog-mom.

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