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Aloe Care is Back on QVC!

QVC has such a devoted, informed viewership - and the networks' vetting process for the products they feature is capital "T" THOROUGH. The result? We are capital "T" THRILLED to be on air with them again tomorrow!

Please give it a watch, and see our latest customer testimonial video by a chic, savvy woman who wanted a proactive solution in place. You'll also see some testing of our fall detection, and, you'll hear from QVCs Guest Host contributor & caregiver Sarah Cotellesse on why she's a fan.

The show is at Noon ET: 

Accessible Living: Home and personal care essentials for caregivers, those aging in place, or in need of daily living aids.

Check out our terrific offer live, online HERE - our segment is likely in the second half of the show.

Susan Lietz

Chief Editor at Aloe Care

Writer, caregiver, dog-mom.

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