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Another big milestone at Aloe Care, today we launched the feature-rich Mobile Companion 2 with Fall Detection & GPS. Is it as sleek and lightweight as the original Mobile Companion? You bet. Can it do more? Yes, yes it can. It even includes the feature our customers request the most: the ability to use the device to contact personal caregivers, as well as emergency services.  CEO & Co-founder Evan Schwartz shares the statistic that more than 45 percent of our Smart Hub users opt for personal help - avoiding the costly and embarrassing arrival of 911 when not needed. Our terrific Home Helpers partner, Alan Wilson, Director of Technology Solutions, noted – among other things - that the Mobile Companion device includes every feature their customers want. Innovating to improve older adults’ quality of life and their overall health outcomes is why we are here! Another fine day to Aloe Care. Read more here or the full piece below. 



– The Innovative New Mobile Companion 2 with Fall Detection Includes the Most-Requested Feature: a Speed Dial to Personal Caregivers – 

NEW YORK, Nov.16, 2023 -- Aloe Care Health, makers of the world's most advanced, voice-activated, in-home solution for remote eldercare, announced the launch of Mobile Companion 2 with Fall Detection. The device gives older adults 2-way voice access to emergency services and their personal care teams with the push of a button.  It is available through Aloe Care’s numerous home healthcare affiliations and its insurance partnerships. It can also be purchased directly through for $99.99. The monthly cost, including fall detection, is $34.99. 

Among the Mobile Companion 2’s many features: 

  • Automatic fall sensing* - with the ability to adjust sensitivity in app
  • One-click emergency via SOS button press
  • Outbound caregiver speed dial via side button
  • “Find lost device” locator function in app 
  • Real-time location tracking for emergencies in app

The device is fully integrated with Aloe Care's proprietary Family App and professional caregiver dashboard, ensuring that remote caregivers are always apprised of elders' whereabouts and well-being. Aloe Care's professional response team can also easily locate a person in need and send emergency services if required.

Designed to be worn as a pendant or on a belt-clip, the discrete Mobile Companion 2 fits neatly in the palm of the hand and features multi-sensory feedback, both light and voice. Its extended battery life will provide up to three days of use without a re-charge.

"The ability to use the device to contact people in your personal care team is vitally important,” said Evan Schwartz, Aloe Care CEO and Co-Founder. “Approximately 46 percent of our Smart Hub users choose the option to contact caregivers rather than dispatch an ambulance, drastically reducing the need for costly, stress-inducing emergency services when they are not needed. Having this option in a mobile device will be a game-changer for many.” 

“We’re extremely pleased with the reliable services and devices we are able to offer to Home Helpers Home Care clients through Aloe Care. As one of the nation’s leading providers of in-home care, it’s important for us to provide peace of mind to our clients and their families. The Mobile Companion 2’s features check every box our clients need. We are thrilled to be able to provide an option that allows them to contact us or emergency services, as needed, with just the push of a button,” added Alan Wilson, Director of Technology Solutions, Home Helpers® Home Care. The Mobile Companion 2 will be rolled out through Home Helpers starting in January. Individuals who would benefit from this technology do not need to have any other care services from Home Helpers Home Care in order to have the system installed and set-up.

“I’m very confident in the device. The size is perfect, the buttons are clear and easy to press. She knows which one is which. It's great…” - Patricia M., caregiver for Virginia M.

“It's a powerful device, it has so many great features for being so small.” - Sang L., Care Recipient. 

*Fall detection does not detect 100% of all falls.

Susan Lietz

Chief Editor at Aloe Care

Writer, caregiver, dog-mom.

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