Aloe Care Now Widely Available


The day has come, and we are so incredibly proud. The news news just broke that Aloe Care Health, the first comprehensive digital assistant for elder care, is now available for consumers, numerous major private duty home care strategic partners and personal emergency response distributors in the U.S.

Just last week, after seeing our service for the first time, the CEO of one such company said, “This is exactly what I want for my Mom!” Considering that this person has seen - and sells -- virtually every solution in the market, it was high praise indeed.

And here’s what some other notables in the field had to say:

Steve Chandler, Owner of Elect Home Care, said: “Aloe Care’s home set-up represents a major step forward in keeping older adults safer and improving communication between everyone in the care circle. These are two of the biggest challenges families face. What’s more, our professionals really value the ability to collaborate with others in the Aloe Care family app; it helps us do our jobs more efficiently and effectively.”

Michael Abend, Director/Owner of concierge home care provider Extended Family of Wayland, added: “Aloe Care is such an innovative development for in-home safety and communication. So many independent-minded seniors struggle to accept support because they do not want to be seen with a caregiver or wearing a sometimes cumbersome medical alert pendant. Aloe Care’s technology makes it easier for elders to accept support to stay as independent as possible and age safely on their terms.”

All in all, our reception into the space has been a warm one. We started the year with a nice mention in the AARP’s CES 2020 round-up by Michael Phillips which stated, “This year it was great to see these amazing technical achievements packaged in user experiences with actionable insights, useful alerts, zero-effort installation, and interoperability with other healthcare components.” It was an honor to be among them!

By now, you probably know the stats as well as we do. The AARP1 says that more than 80% of Americans want to remain in their homes throughout their retirement. The same study revealed that nearly 40 million Americans are already in informal caregiving roles for approximately 50 million older adults (2015). This is our community - and they are the reason we do what we do.

You’ve been with us through much of our journey so you know that bringing the world a service this comprehensive, this thought-through -- well, there were days it seemed Herculean. Fortunately, our team is comprised of whip-smart, deeply passionate individuals who are energized - not daunted -- by challenges.

Thank you for your support, too - it’s invaluable to us.