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After 85-year-old Jane experienced some concerning falls, her son Tom was desperate to find a solution, preferably one that could keep his Mom safely in her home. His first call was to Ferdie Villegas of LivHome.

Ferdie had the perfect solution: Aloe Care, a comprehensive service that would give Jane continued independence and provide the safety net she needed. Best of all, Tom - who was juggling the many demands of a busy career - would effortlessly see real-time updates on the Aloe Care family app -- and could connect easily and often with his Mom. 

Tom quickly discovered the responsiveness and efficacy of the Total Care system. Shortly after they set it up, Jane lost her balance. Right away, Aloe Care detected the fall. Tom, who got an Aloe Care alert on his iPhone, happened to be nearby and was able to help her up - no emergency services needed. The story ends well -  Jane was unhurt, and Tom was grateful to have been there to help. He values knowing that even when he can’t be there, Aloe Care is on the job.  

LivHome provides care management solutions and caregiving services for many families in Southern California, and Ferdie’s team of caregivers are now able to give next-level support to many of them, thanks to Aloe Care. Particularly during COVID-19, Ferdie appreciates being able to have a presence in homes, while reducing unnecessary, risky in-home interactions. 

“Aloe Care keeps the people on my care team and the families we support safer, happier, and healthier,” said Ferdie. 

For another LivHome family, Aloe Care serves as the main hub for caregivers and the family.  Meet John, a thoughtful, witty older adult who lives alone in a two-story home. He receives palliative care services and -- between LivHome and his attentive family -- has an extended circle-of-care. They all use the Aloe Care family app to stay up-to-date and share care notes, and they particularly appreciate that the system records check-ins. 

“It’s made the whole family closer and more connected - while reducing their stress overall,” Ferdie added. “There are no more wires crossed, no more lingering worries that John isn’t being looked after. They have just settled into giving John the loving attention he needs.”  

Ferdie has been a lifelong advocate for easing the burden on caregivers. He sees Aloe Care as a powerful way to offer continuity of care. We're so proud to be there for him and everyone in HIS circle-of-care!

Susan Lietz
Chief Editor at Aloe Care

Writer, caregiver, dog-mom.

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