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Empowering Patients at Home: Aloe Care Health and DispatchHealth Partner for Enhanced Patient Communication

Another big news day at Aloe Care! Today we announce our partnership with DispatchHealth. Our shared mission – empowering people who need help – makes this one particularly gratifying. Together, we’re truly “ushering in a transformative era of patient-centered care, where safety, independence, and quality of life take precedence.” It is an honor to work with you, DispatchHealth, and to help serve your patients! Read the full story here: 


Today, Aloe Care Health, a trailblazer in state-of-the-art medical alert and communication services, is delighted to unveil a collaboration with DispatchHealth. This partnership enhances connectivity for patients receiving in-home, hospital alternative care from DispatchHealth's Advanced Care service.

Paul Rooney, Chief Growth Officer at Aloe Care Health, states, "Integrating the Aloe Care alert into DispatchHealth's care plan ensures that patients receive comprehensive coverage and immediate assistance, wherever they may be." 

At the touch of a button, the Aloe Care Mobile Companion 2 with built-in GPS for real-time location tracking and automatic fall detection is a technological advancement that offers two-way voice access to DispatchHealth care teams or emergency services. Rooney adds, "It empowers patients to maintain their independence via technology that offers unparalleled support for elevated peace of mind." 

Dr. Patrick Kneeland, Vice President of Medical Affairs at DispatchHealth, draws a poignant parallel: "In a hospital setting, patients receive a nurse call or emergency call button for assistance in their inpatient bed. The Aloe Care device serves the same purpose—patients can alert our team through the device or reach out directly to 911 in an emergency." 

The Aloe Care device seamlessly integrates with its proprietary Family App and DispatchHealth's care dashboard—a communication platform connecting patients and providers in real-time. Dr. Kneeland further highlights the significance of this integration, noting, "Our research indicates that both patients and their caregivers experience an increased sense of comfort and ease within the familiar confines of their homes, significantly contributing to an overall positive experience. This device is instrumental in our safety assessment, offering patients a seamless way to connect with their care team anywhere in their home." 

In 2023, DispatchHealth's Advance Care service saw substantial expansion, becoming a viable alternative to hospitalization in over a dozen major cities such as Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, Tacoma and Las Vegas. What truly distinguishes this organization is its expansive network of contracts that encompass most healthcare payment options available in the United States, including commercial Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, DSNP, ISNP, and DCEs. With this extensive coverage, DispatchHealth extends access to high-acuity home healthcare services to over 100 million Americans in DispatchHealth’s markets. Moreover, the organization's ability to directly enroll patients into its alternative hospitalization program, bypassing the need for initial hospital visits, coupled with an impressive 98% patient acceptance rate, leads to earlier admissions, more effective management of acute conditions, and ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

In partnership, Aloe Care Health and DispatchHealth are ushering in a transformative era of patient-centered care, where safety, independence, and quality of life take precedence. They are reshaping the healthcare landscape to ensure that patients receive the necessary support and assistance while enjoying the comfort of their own homes.


Aloe Care's voice-activated system is the world's most-advanced in-home medical alert and communication system for older adults. Aloe Care's award-winning solution is offered by numerous home healthcare organizations and insurance partners throughout the U.S. Aloe Care is the partner of choice for its ability to leverage its significant data set to help drive better health outcomes for older adults. The company is headquartered in New York. For more information, visit

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