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Mounting Caregiver Shortage and Uncertain Return-to-work Plans Prompt The Need For Innovative Technology Solutions For Eldercare

Technology can never — should never — replace the human hand of caregiving. What it must do, however, is make the experience better. With an overwhelming portion of the American population now providing unpaid care to an older adult, it is imperative we take care of them, too. There’s a lot of joy and honor in this work — but we cannot deny the stresses on time, money, and health.

This is why we built the comprehensive Aloe Care medical alert and communication system. Technologically superior. Path-breaking. Need-meeting.

CNET agrees, having just named Aloe Care, “the Best All-in-One...definitely a more innovative version of the traditional medical alert, while still remaining accessible and easy to use..."  It’s exactly what we set out to accomplish.

You can read more about the ways Aloe Care is able to meet the needs of millions of Americans, as the mounting caregiver shortage grows ever more extreme, here or in full below. You can also read more about us and get helpful tips in this recent USA story.


— Comprehensive Safety, Care Collaboration, and Communication Solutions Step Up to Serve Millions of Americans in Need of Support —

Caregiver shortages are on the rise and families of older adults who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 are rethinking nursing homes as an option for their loved ones. Meanwhile, employers are outlining return to work policies—even with uncertainty around the Delta variant. For the 53 million people who are caregivers, finding in-home support for parents and grandparents is an added stressor. Many are now turning to technology as a way to fill the gap and bring peace of mind to everyone in the circle of care.

One innovation designed specifically for elders and caregivers comes from Aloe Care Health. Created by caregivers for caregivers, Aloe Care is the most advanced medical alert and communication service for elder care in the market today. Anchored by the company's Smart Hub (4G LTE), the patented system provides 24/7 voice-activated access to an emergency response center and live, two-way, hands-free communication. Smart Sensors monitor air quality, room temperature, and activity patterns, and an easy-to-use app enables unprecedented levels of care collaboration.

Ray Spoljaric, CEO & Co-founder, Aloe Care Health, commented: "It's time for a reality check. We know that every day 10,000 U.S. boomers turn 65, so we have the opportunity to get ahead of some of the challenges the caregiving community faces. We developed Aloe Care to ensure that caregivers feel supported and elders feel empowered."

The current professional caregiver drought has shifted responsibility to personal caregivers. Family caregivers now spend an average of 24-hours-a-week providing care and cost companies up to $38 billion annually due to lost productivity, absenteeism, and retention. Employers have increasingly begun to recognize the strain on their employees and now offer Aloe Care as a benefit.

One longtime Aloe Care customer, Bernard, a caregiver, said: "Aloe Care has been a huge help since the pandemic started. When we were first advised to physically distance from older adults because of their vulnerability to COVID-19, we worried about Mom. Among other things, it became much more complicated to check-in. And she did not like us calling her all the time to check on her. With Aloe Care, that changed completely—I could reach my mother anytime, and she knew she could always reach me. And a quick look at the app on my phone let me know she was OK.  My brothers and I felt better knowing she had 24/7 support in case of an emergency.  Whether I'm working from home for another six months or start to commute or travel for work, I feel great knowing she has Aloe Care."

Beyond meeting the needs of caregivers, Aloe Care ensures aging adults retain their independence while providing their families with peace of mind. Aging-in-place is a more attractive option to 90% of people aged 65 and over, who would prefer to stay in their own homes as they get older rather than move into a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Added Bernard's Mother, care recipient, and one of Aloe Care's first customers: "Living on my own is my choice and is incredibly important to me, to my sense of independence and to my well-being. My son used to just drop by every 1-2 days, but with the pandemic, those visits were a challenge and he came by much less, so I'm grateful for my Aloe Care. I feel comfortable and supported knowing if I ever need anything, I have access to help, and my family knows I'm safe without my feeling they need to call all the time.  This has been a scary year for me at times, and Aloe Care has made all the difference."

Read CNET full review below:


Best all-in-one medical alert: Aloe Care Health

About Aloe Care Health

Aloe Care’s award-winning service is delivering the world's most-advanced voice-activated, in-home medical alert and communication system for older adults and caregivers. The service improves elders' safety and makes connection and care collaboration intuitive and easy. Aloe Care includes a Smart Hub for live, two-way, hands-free communication and Smart Sensors to detect falls, motion, air quality, and temperature. People who use the service have 24/7 access to support, including a professional emergency response team and a family app for optimal care collaboration.  Based in New York, Aloe Care was created by caregivers for caregivers. More than 70 percent of the team actively supports aging-in-place parents and grandparents.

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