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Does Checking in with Older Adults Keep Them Safer? Our Data Says it Definitely Helps.

We’ve just released compelling data about the happiest way people use Aloe Care - the Check-in!  When used just 2X a month - on average - it delays requests for emergency help by nearly 60%. Put another way, they are safer, longer! We've also launched some new features to make those check-ins even easier. Read the full press release below: 



- New Aloe Care Controls Make Caregivers More Empowered, Better Informed -

NEW YORK, Aug. 16, 2022-- Aloe Care Health ("Aloe Care"), makers of the world's most advanced voice-activated medical alert and communication service for eldercare, have released compelling new data about the use of its service relating to caregiver engagement.

In summation, regular caregiver check-ins through the Aloe Care Smart Hub delay an elders' need for emergency help by nearly 60%. This represents a notable reduction in emergencies and dispatches that can lead to ER visits and hospital admissions. Caregiver check-ins are one of the most used features exclusive to Aloe Care's patented Smart Hub. When the check-in button is selected in the companion app (iOS and Google Play), the call is automatically answered on Aloe Care's proprietary, crystal-clear speaker phone built into the Smart Hub. Elders no longer need to rush to a phone, and they know the only people checking in are people providing care.

Elders receiving two or more check-in calls per month on average through their Aloe Care Smart Hub delay requests for emergency help (either by family or professional medical response) by 56%, versus elders who do not receive check-ins from their personal caregivers. Aloe Care's data spans usage over the last 12 months, ending August 3, 2022, using a sample group of more than 2,500 people.

In light of these new insights, the company launched a new feature for family caregivers to receive reminders to check in on their loved ones through the Aloe Care app. Reminders can be set for wellness check-ins, medication reminders, and transportation needs to help families stay more connected. Reminders can be delivered by text or email, whichever the user prefers. The app allows an unlimited number of users and each caregiver can customize their own check-in settings.

"Aloe Care Health was built by caregivers, so we understand how important it is to stay connected," said Ray Spoljaric, CEO and Co-founder of Aloe Care. "Our data shows that more check-ins lead to better outcomes. Caregiver engagement is also extremely useful in preventing isolation, and all of the known health consequences that occur as a result. For all of these reasons, it was vital for us to have a comprehensive remote care giving solution that encourages collaboration and communication, while allowing more adults to safely maintain their independence."

Aloe Care's medical alert and communication service for caregiving is anchored by its proprietary, voice-activated 4G cellular Smart Hub. The company offers 24/7 voice-activated access to a five-star emergency response center and serves as a comprehensive solution for remote caregiving.

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Susan Lietz

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