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Happy Thanksgiving 2020 & Another Stellar Review

These past few months have been an exercise in radical change for many. With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, the latest challenge is to stay safe and connected when families most often want to gather — particularly in light of the recent CDC recommendations. I’m deeply thankful that, of all years, our solution is helping families connect.

Some news hit my inbox last night that gave us another reason to be grateful. Amie Clarke (The Senior List) — one of the most respected people in our field — gave Aloe Care a rave review. Among so many positive comments about our stand-out Family App, the comprehensive coverage our systems provide, and our “lifesaving features,” her summary statement really stood out:

"For those (of you) with family and loved ones nearby, Aloe Care is the perfect way for them to stay in touch and keep track of your well-being. Aging in place isn’t always easy, but a system from Aloe Care can make it significantly easier and safer."

A former social worker who has dedicated her life to getting good, transparent, unbiased information to people about caring for older adults, Amie is deeply passionate about the betterment of elders’ lives. This is not just a stellar review, it’s one from someone who sees everything that’s out there and knows what caregivers and older adults need. We’re proud and humbled in equal measure.

I’d be remiss not to mention the incredible Aloe Care team that shares Amie’s passion for improving the lives of carers and elders. We’re all so grateful to have the opportunity to innovate on behalf of the communities we serve — especially now. And of course, we appreciate your support, too. We couldn’t do it without you.

We wish you all a safe, healthy Thanksgiving 2020 — warmed by the spirit of knowing we are going through these challenges together. And if you know someone who will be alone, please do check in with them — it can mean the world.

Thank you,

CEO & Co-Founder,
Aloe Care Health

Please read Amie’s full Aloe Care review HERE.

Ray Spoljaric

Co-Founder & CEO

Ray is the Co-Founder and CEO of Aloe Care Health. Aloe Care is a secure and easy-to-use solution that keeps everyone connected; facilitates collaborative care; and best of all, keeps older adults safe. Ray is also the primary, remote caregiver for his parents.

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