8 AM -  Walk into town and back

Noon - Client massage 

3 pm - Begin Dinner prep

6 pm - Friends arrive; serve aperitifs followed by 3-course French dinner

For many of us, this would be a big day. But for Perrine, it’s just another Tuesday. 

Perrine loves her busy, independent life, which includes chats with friends -- often discussing a movie she’s recently seen and loved (or strongly disliked!), sharing recipes, and reminiscing about her favorite travel destinations. Still, at 87, she occasionally needs a helping hand. That’s how Aloe Care works for her, serving as an easy way to connect, an invisible safety net should the need arise. 

For Perrine, the beauty of the Aloe Care system is that it is discreet – no “help” or “emergency” labels – but it is there when she needs it, giving her an extra boost of confidence to go about her day.  In fact, she loves showing off the Aloe Care Smart Hub to her friends - she calls it her “chic new car!” This from a woman known for her classic Citroën 2CV (Deux Chevaux).

Aloe Care offers real peace of mind, for Perrine and her busy sons. One glance at the family app on their phones, and they know she’s been moving about as usual. One push of a button on the same app and they can check-in with her - for live, clear-as-a-bell, two-way conversations. Perrine -- who may well be at a critical step in preparing Boeuf Bourguignon when they reach out -- only has to respond to the voice coming through her Smart Hub. No buttons to push, no burgundy spilled. 

As a pilot member of Aloe Care, Perrine’s early experiences helped inform notable design features of the service so many people use and love today. We’re grateful to have her by our side! Now, if only she’d share the secret to her Baba au Rum...

Susan Lietz
Chief Editor at Aloe Care

Writer, caregiver, dog-mom.

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