Texas-sized Peace of Mind


Brad Ross at Silver Maple Solutions helped a family in need of a solution. Here's the story of how Aloe Care worked for them.

Meet David. He's a hardworking guy, living a busy life with his family in Texas. He's also proud to report that he's the first person his 88-year-old Mom, Marlene, calls when she needs a hand. 

In March, it became increasingly clear that Marlene -- who lives 1,500 miles away in North Carolina -- needed more support. At about the same time, COVID-19 hit. As far as they were concerned, moving Marlene to an assisted living facility was no longer an option.  

David called Brad Ross at Silver Maple Solutions. He explained that Marlene needed to be safer, that they needed a better way to easily connect with her and to collaborate with her extended circle-of-care. David was concerned that there'd be no single, easy-to-implement solution for the currently overwhelming spate challenges they were facing. 

What they all needed most? Peace of mind. "Can we get all that and let Mom stay in the home she knows and loves?" David asked. 

Thankfully, Brad knew just what to do. He swiftly got them set-up with Aloe Care

It was the ideal solution for this family. Today, Marlene says her favorite Aloe Care feature is the ability to talk to her family and have crystal-clear conversations through the Aloe Care Smart Hub -- hands-free, no need to drop what she's doing. David says the easy check-in calls with his Mom are the highlight of his days; and when they are not talking, any worry is swiftly erased by a glance at the Aloe Care app. 

With Aloe Care, David sleeps well knowing he has given a lifeline to his mother, and that she has around-the-clock support from her care team.

We're so proud to be there for David, Marlene, and their family. Of course, we're happy to provide the same peace of mind for you and yours as well.

Susan Lietz
Chief Editor at Aloe Care

Writer, caregiver, dog-mom.

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